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Cyber Chord Technologies is way ahead in digital marketing trends and this makes us most adaptive and innovative among our competitors.
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MyCard247 is a domain (www.mycard247.com) owned by CYBER CHORD TECHNOLOGIES PVT. LTD. We at Cyber Chord Technologies Pvt. Ltd. always think about innovation and moving a step ahead. This is why, after the COVID19 pandemic we started a contactless visiting card with a step ahead to save paper and contribute something back to nature. Nowadays being digital for your business is the most important thing, so the first step of going digital is getting a “DIGITAL VISITING CARD”. We at CYBER CHORD TECHNOLOGIES PVT. LTD. help you to do the basics of going digital. We create your digital business identity very easily in an economical way. We have created a difference with contactless visiting cards smarter than ever, helping your business to stand out in the crowd and improve your sales effectiveness. With a digital business card, Our main aim is to help all small and big entrepreneurs, and business personals not just to go digital for a successful business but to save themselves from the contactless approach of sharing the visiting card.

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    Fill up the details Above and you will get a callback or you can call us at +91-7719664413. You are done. We deliver your free mycard247 your registered mail id, instantly.
    It is really secure. Your data is encrypted and stored. We cannot reveal the exact algorithm used to encrypt, for obvious reasons 🙂 All data being transported online is protected by an https layer, as well.
    Well, once you have your MYCARD247 you can transfer to other over a QR Code, SMS, email or WhatsApp. These options are present in the ‘Share contact’ section of you MYCARD247
    Leave it open in the browser Save your MYCARD247 URL in your own contact info – website OR URL fields, work Take a screenshot of the QR code and save it in images, don’t forget to favourite it
    Feel free to reach us at info@mycard247.com
    On iPhone / IPad, open the camera and point it at the QR code, click on the notification that pops up. On Android phones, open the camera and point at the QR code. Press the home button still Google Search opens up. Click on the notification that pops up or click on the “what’s on my screen” button to detect the QR code. Open it as a website. Can’t update Android If your device can’t run Android 9 or higher, you can download an app to scan QR codes.